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            It’s not exactly news that Virginia’s General Assembly is a mixture of the dysfunctional, the demagogical, and the dedicated—though in varying proportions.  The shocker is that there are actually some politicians who are willing to delineate the instances of absurdity from the art of statecraft.  Retiring delegates Kristen Amundson and Chris Saxman wrote an opinion piece that gives a juicy glimpse into what we perceive to be our system of  lawmaking.

          While not exactly an airing of dirty laundry (although there is an anecdote about airing one’s laundry), the tongue-in-cheek humor belies the fact that no matter how opaque the process and no matter how egotistical the participants, every once in a while there are good men and women who come together to pass good laws.  I guess that’s the least that we expect, and so it’s the least we are going to get.

        Here is the link:


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