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Kennedy, a federal government employee, published his well-received children's book in 2006.

Kennedy, a federal government employee, published his well-received children's book in 2006.

            Noted children’s book author Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy died on Tuesday night at the age of 77.  Kennedy, who worked in the District of Columbia, was best known for his 2006 book My Senator and Me: A Dog’s-Eye View of Washington, D.C.  The story is narrated by a Portuguese water dog named Splash, who takes the reader on a journey through the city and explores the functions of the federal government.

            The 56-page fiction book, published by Scholastic Press, cemented Kennedy’s reputation as one of the most-admired contemporary children’s writers.  In a press release, Scholastic praised how Kennedy “rose from relative obscurity to pen a unique and touching story that is also an educational lesson” for young Americans.

            Kennedy’s writing style was both humorous and earnest, with the main character telling readers that, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  Kennedy’s collaborator, Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator David Small, said that “If he is only known for one accomplishment, I’m glad that it is this.”

            While best recognized for My Senator and Me, Kennedy lived quietly, working for the federal government for many years.



  1. Looking forward to his science fiction opus, “The Amazing Submarine Auto”. I don’t want to give away the ending, but somebody dies! It’s kind of a sad story.

  2. Whether or not you were with or against Ted Kennedy, as his family and friends mourn his death, any citizen with a scintilla of decency would merely offer farewell to him and condolences to his family, and leave it at that.

    Here in Virginia, we have a long tradition of showing respect for those who have passed; friend and foe, alike.

    The path to death is a route we all shall take. Ted Kennedy has passed, and may he receive God’s blessing and rest in peace.

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